Found leather re-imaged

Each Couch Pouch is unique and handmade using recycled leather from the streets of Amsterdam.

The original idea was the pouch, and from there on out it grew more and more divers. From pouches to cases to wallets to little bags.

You can order them online, and make sure to ask for new incoming leather options. Almost weekly a new batch comes in! When ordering please state the model and design: Cases, Pouches and Wallets.

For a look and feel, please send an email:

pouch pohc.png

Starting early in life as a treasure hunter on the streets, I found things and kept them in the hollow tree out the front of our family-house. The objects of no specific value, but in my mind I was making my own museum with branches that looked like witches, plastic with fantastic colors and glass chard's if you'd hold in into the light it would give amazing new depths to the world around me. Finding value on the streets that other people consider waste is still with me. The whole house is fitted with items found on the streets of Amsterdam. The bottom of the bed, the desk I work on, the endless amount of small three legged coffee tables (I seem to have a theme here). And on my travels through the city I see a lot of couches. Couches that are old, worn down and ready to be taken to the dump, considered no longer useful. I still see so much value, so I take the value of the couch before it gets incinerated. The leather I take of these couches are still in perfect condition, made to last a lifetime, made to be loved.

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